Why choose Epicuro.j

  • Epicuro.j is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) able to seamlessly manage a company or group of companies for the totality of the production processes, sales and customer services.

  • It is a management software entirely designed by MPC Informatica. With 30 years of experience, our mission is to support and guide your business towards your goals with long lasting relationship.

  • Epicuro.j eliminates inefficiencies and optimizes the business resources. We assume responsibility for the quality of data provided by the company's IT system.

  • It can be implemented and personalised at anytime the company deems it necessary, both for the introduction of new marketing requirements and for the development of new technologies. We embrace continuous and positive improvement.

All our modules

  • Basic registry (clients, bank, items...)
  • Financial
  • Magazzino ad ubicazione variabile
  • Purchase orders...

Our Partners

  • Commercial
  • Furniture industry and semi-finished
  • Renewable energy installers
  • Appliance industry...

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